Hardly words to describe …

There are hardly words to describe how our family feels about Dr. Johnson. We met in the hospital, just hours after our first child was born. He came to my room to deliver the news that she had several serious heart defects, and must be transferred to a bigger hospital for surgery, immediately. It was devastating, to say the least. But Dr. Johnson was so genuine and compassionate, and though that first encounter was brief, we talked often of how much we liked him during our daughter’s 7 week stay at the new hospital. When she was discharged, the case manager let us know that our local follow up appointment would be with Dr. Johnson, and we were quite pleased.

Now our daughter is five years old, and Dr. Johnson has cared for her through three heart surgeries. Though her path has been relatively uncomplicated, she has much anxiety about hospitals, doctors, and nurses. Dr. Johnson understands this, and is so gentle and patient with her. She has grown to trust him, as we do. We feel incredibly fortunate to have him as our daughter’s cardiologist.

–Mysti Harris (via Facebook)