I wish all doctors were more like him

Doctor Johnson has been my son’s physician since he was born. He started seeing my son in the NICU at Erlanger hospital. We have since followed doctor Johnson to his new office location (All Heart Pediatric Cardiology). As a cardiologist who was a baby with a heart condition himself he is very attentive and compassionate.

Doctor Johnson takes the time to listen and explain things during the office visit and always asks if there’s anything else he can do for you. This means so much considering it’s hard to find great doctors like this anymore. I trust Doctor Johnson treating my son’s heart condition completely. He is wonderful with children and always listens to my husband or myself if we have thoughts, questions, or suspicions regarding our son. He is a very caring and compassionate physician, I wish all doctors were more like him. All in all if you want a wonderful, caring, compassionate, and attentive pediatric cardiologist I recommend you see Doctor Johnson, he is the very best!

–Leslie Smith (via Facebook, Feb 24, 2018)

Great with kids

We love Dr. Johnson and he is great with kids. He will sit and talk to you as long as you need and go over everything til you understand. He has been Preston’s cardiologist since he was 2 days old and he will be 4 next month. I wouldn’t trust my baby with anyone else.

–Tiffany Crane (via Facebook, Jan 16, 2018)

Amazing to walk in the office …

First, it is amazing to walk in the office and feel the happiness and comfort of the staff! Thank you for that! My daughter is autistic and typically has trouble waiting for appointments, thankfully we didn’t have a long wait!

Dr. Johnson has been seeing my daughter for about 6 years I believe, honestly I can’t remember. I just know it’s been a while. With all the patients he has seen at the old office, he still remembered my daughter! Thank you for your compassion, patience, and knowledge! My daughter has a tendency to interrupt often, and you always were kind to her (even after the 215th time of asking about your kids and allergies). You all are amazing!

–Rachel Leigh (via Facebook)

Hardly words to describe …

There are hardly words to describe how our family feels about Dr. Johnson. We met in the hospital, just hours after our first child was born. He came to my room to deliver the news that she had several serious heart defects, and must be transferred to a bigger hospital for surgery, immediately. It was devastating, to say the least. But Dr. Johnson was so genuine and compassionate, and though that first encounter was brief, we talked often of how much we liked him during our daughter’s 7 week stay at the new hospital. When she was discharged, the case manager let us know that our local follow up appointment would be with Dr. Johnson, and we were quite pleased.

Now our daughter is five years old, and Dr. Johnson has cared for her through three heart surgeries. Though her path has been relatively uncomplicated, she has much anxiety about hospitals, doctors, and nurses. Dr. Johnson understands this, and is so gentle and patient with her. She has grown to trust him, as we do. We feel incredibly fortunate to have him as our daughter’s cardiologist.

–Mysti Harris (via Facebook)