I wish all doctors were more like him

Doctor Johnson has been my son’s physician since he was born. He started seeing my son in the NICU at Erlanger hospital. We have since followed doctor Johnson to his new office location (All Heart Pediatric Cardiology). As a cardiologist who was a baby with a heart condition himself he is very attentive and compassionate.

Doctor Johnson takes the time to listen and explain things during the office visit and always asks if there’s anything else he can do for you. This means so much considering it’s hard to find great doctors like this anymore. I trust Doctor Johnson treating my son’s heart condition completely. He is wonderful with children and always listens to my husband or myself if we have thoughts, questions, or suspicions regarding our son. He is a very caring and compassionate physician, I wish all doctors were more like him. All in all if you want a wonderful, caring, compassionate, and attentive pediatric cardiologist I recommend you see Doctor Johnson, he is the very best!

–Leslie Smith (via Facebook, Feb 24, 2018)